How to Master Twitter and Share Your Message or Product with Millions of People


In this powerful Full-Access, everything-in-one-place video course, you will learn these 5 remarkable Twitter secrets:

1 -- You can easily acquire thousands of new, engaged Twitter followers every single month (up to 500 in one day); this one strategy alone can make you a trusted influencer in your field and/or help you easily sell your products or services
2 -- You can engage with huge audiences in live Twitter chats, even when you are sleeping (imagine thousands of people chatting about your topic throughout the day, and you participate in each chat, while you're reading, shopping, traveling, or even sleeping)

3 -- There are THREE powerful phrases that make people retweet, favorite, and click your links (add any of these to a tweet and watch people engage with it like crazy)
4 -- You can automate your Twitter interaction and audience building in less than one hour per week
5 -- There are two Twitter myths that stand in the way of outrageous success in building your brand (knowing this mythology will change your perspective on audience building and engagement and help you dominate Twitter in ways others can't)

Amazing Benefits

You learn from an instructor, @markbarnes19, who is a recognized leader in his field and ranked in the Top 1% in the world on Twitter, with more than 110,000 followers and a reach of more than 5 million readers

You easily build a Personal Learning Network of tens of thousands in your field, with whom you can share your message, a strategy, book, or other product or service

You learn how to automate content sharing, so you can build and connect with your powerful PLN in about one hour per week

You learn how to build credibility as an expert in your field, while you work, play, or sleep

Best of all. . .

You learn amazing audience building and content sharing secrets that very few people know -- secrets that will help you connect with millions of people and/or customersIn this one amazing, incredibly powerful how-to video course, Mark Barnes is giving you full access to information that private sector companies pay him thousand of dollars to acquire, but you can have it right now, at this amazingly low price.

Watch Mark Barnes add 100 REAL Twitter followers with a 2-Minute Strategy!

This real-time video makes acquiring new followers look like magic. But it's not magic; it is done with a simple, secret strategy that very few people know. See it in this video and learn how to perfect it inside the How to Master Twitter course the course, which you can have right now. . . that's right! Get it in your hands immediately.

Immediate access to ALL 5 secrets

When you sign up, you will be immediately granted instant, full access to all material in this powerful how-to video course. (You don't have to wait months for the secrets and lessons; you get it all right now!)

Each lesson contains easy-to-follow how-to videos with step-by-step instructions for audience-building and engagement.

Each Lesson contains a Summary section and a Best Practices section that provides reminders of action items that make you immediately successful.

You can interact with Twitter expert, Mark Barnes, anytime. Just follow @markbarnes19 on Twitter and tweet questions to him.

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Simple strategies that anyone can use

Building a huge Twitter audience and your credibility as an expert is easy, as long as you have sound, simple strategies. Mark Barnes provides step-by-step actionable strategies that you can use immediately.

Technology does the work for you

There are hundreds of third-party Twitter tools, but you only need a few. Mark shows you the best tools available and teaches you how to use them in minutes, making audience building and branding ridiculously easy.

Instruction from a recognized expert

With more than 110,000 followers, @markbarnes19 is one of most influential non-celebrities on Twitter. He is recognized around the world as a leader in education, assessment, online instruction, and mobile learning. Mark is the creator of the internationally-recognized Hack Learning Series and Hack Learning Academy.

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Guaranteed Results

If you use all the tools and strategies in this course and don't build a huge Twitter audience, we'll refund your money.

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